2014 Christmas Project

December 23, 2014

Lead Kindly Project" since we launched in September, and we are so grateful for the results! With all of you who showed your kindness, we were able to donate:

Thank you so much to all who contributed in a short amount of time to our 2014 Christmas Project. It was our 1st "
-80 body washes/soap bars
-80 shampoo/conditioners
-51 various packages and items of feminine hygiene products
-85 toothpastes
-84 adult & children's toothbrushes
-5 mouthwashes
-4 floss kits
-126 toilet paper & paper towel rolls
-an assortment of baby items including: boxes of formula, diapers, wipes, baby lotion, and baby oil
-first aid kits
-a package of boxed/canned food. 

Final calculations equaled over $1000 worth of donations to the Domestic Violence Shelter of Santa Clarita! We could not have done it without you generous donors and supporters!

We collected these items for about a month up to our deadline of December 20th. Wise Owl Media Group, Star Dance Center, InJoy Clothing & Accessories, and Pacific Mercantile Bank graciously served as drop-off locations for items. We also received donations from groups like Fit4Mom of Santa Clarita Valley , Fueling Moms' Mom Market, as well as numerous individuals who conducted their own drives within their homes or jobs. A big thank you to Christina D. who volunteered to help us sort through all of the donated items the night before. That was no easy task and it took quite a few hours, so we are very grateful! Thank you to our Public Media Relations Officer, Karla Escobar, for helping to bring the donations over to the center. This really was a collective effort and we are so grateful for everyone's support!
 (co-founder, Pamela Macdonald, with the mothers of Fit4Mom of Santa Clarita Valley
who ran a donation drive during a Mom's Night Out event.)

All of these items help provide a more comfortable transition & access to the basics of life for the women & children who seek safety at the shelter. 

Many thanks again to all involved. You're all so wonderful & have made a difference! Thank you for leading kindly despite the busy holiday season & giving to help fellow mothers & their little ones! This is part of what Christmas is all about! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

The Project Lead Kindly team!