2014 Recap - PLK's 1st 3 Months

December 31, 2014

It's hard to believe 2015 is just around the corner!
Project Lead Kindly launched on September 22, 2014 and these first 3 months have been such a blessing and we have been able to do more than we ever could have expected.

In 3 months we:
-have raised over $3,000 to carry out our mission with the help of you generous donors and supporters.
-held our 1st Christmas Project in which we collected toiletries and other items to help the mothers & children at the Domestic Violence Shelter in Santa Clarita Valley. With the help of so many, we were able to donate well over $1000 worth of items to the shelter.
-collected various inspiring stories of "leading kindly, no matter what."
-received tons of photo submissions to help inspire others that they can lead kindly, no matter what.
-spread the "lead kindly" message (with the help of so many!) to hundreds of people through various forms in social media, lead kindly stories/pictures, and our 1st Lead Kindly presentation at a domestic violence support group.
-connected with two wonderful centers/shelters: Domestic Violence Center of SCV & Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children. By partnering with these facilities, the Lead Kindly Awards, Projects, and Message can be spread to the mothers & children they service.
-raised over $2,000 at our 1st online instagram auction which will help assist more mothers & children affected by homelessness & domestic violence.

In 2015 we:
-will be connecting to more shelters/centers throughout Southern California (please email us with any recommendations to organizations you feel could benefit from Project Lead Kindly).
-giving more presentations to spread the "lead kindly" message to groups of women affected by domestic violence or homelessness
-will carry out our 2nd "Lead Kindly Project" to assist groups of mothers and children(watch out for volunteer opportunities and help we'll be needing! Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date).
-will run our 2nd online instagram auction
-have some things up our sleeves to further spread the "lead kindly" message, offer grants to mothers & children, and get them seeing how they can "lead kindly" in their lives.
-will be going for 501c3 status to make Project Lead Kindly a tax-exempt nonprofit

We look forward to what the new year will bring PLK! Thank you so much for your support in these first few months of our organization, it has meant more to us than you'll ever know. We have been most blown away by the people we have been able to meet in various stages and circumstances in their lives who have shown so much kindness & support in different ways. We are motivated to continue to spread this message because YOUR examples of kindness have shown us that there is truth in what we want to share: all can lead kindly, no matter their circumstances.

We wish you and yours a very blessed 2015. No matter what changes, blessings, challenges, or trials await, don't forget about that true potential and light within you to lead kindly.

The Project Lead Kindly team