Miss N. - Lead Kindly Awardee

January 31, 2015
After escaping from an abusive relationship, Miss N. is a mother who found emergency shelter and assistance through the awesome team at The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita She came with nothing to the shelter except her purse and clothes on her back. While at the shelter, she lead kindly by being a support to the fellow women living there, lending a shoulder & going to the library to find books for them and their kids to help them through their situations. 

In her application, she mentioned: "I am motivated and determined to change my circumstances. I want to be an example to others...God has blessed me with free agency & no man has the right to take that gift away from me. We should love one another & practice kindness at every opportunity given. This world could and should be a truly wonderful journey." 

We admired her efforts, despite having little, to show fellow women that there are people who can help make someone's journey a little better. She used her agency to do these things and is a reminder that we have that choice to use our light too. 

With time drawing a close at the shelter & no where to go, Miss N. found an apartment but needed help to secure it. Her next steps are to work with the student loan office to go back to college so that she can become a social worker, and her situation has inspired her to train to become an advocate for Domestic Violence survivors.  She wants to make changes & raise awareness and especially compassion for domestic violence survivors. "There's not enough of it," she says.

Project Lead Kindly was happy to award her with a Lead Kindly Award that will go towards her security deposit. This will get her into safer, stable housing that can hopefully be a fresh start for the rebuilding she is seeking. We also guarantee her a future Lead Kindly Award that can go towards rent and/or college tuition, supplies, or courses on condition that she meets her goals of going back to school and also training to be a domestic violence advocate.
[picture of co-founder, Pamela Macdonald, with Program Coordinator of DVC-SCV, Christina. Many thanks to the wonderful people who work at DVC-SCV for assisting us in this process}

Co-founder, Pamela, met with her and case managers at the shelter today to share encouragement, hugs, & tears.  Miss N. is an example that we are capable of good things. She admitted that at times it can be very difficult to be kind. She has been hard on herself and hard on others, but she is trying with what she has got.  We talked about how kindness can absolutely be the most difficult thing to do, especially in the face of hardships. However, it is a matter of remembering your light and potential to do this, and that you always have that within, even if you were to lose everything else. Her determination and motivation to move forward to a more positive and kind future was inspiring.

Miss N's smile & hugs were infectious & she wanted to forever keep the balloons (even after they shrivel), flower, & congratulatory letter we gave her to remind her of the day. We are so inspired by this wonderful lady & wish her the best in her endeavors! It was a wonderful meeting, and we here at Project Lead Kindly, always learn so much after meeting with the amazing women we've gotten to get in contact with through this organization. Though the awards/money are helpful and needed, the message we all leave with in our hearts lasts way longer and means everything.

The Project Lead Kindly team