M.C. - Lead Kindly Awardee

April 6, 2015

Project Lead Kindly has awarded a few more Lead Kindly Awards in the month of March. One award was recently given to M.C., a client from the Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita.
Project Lead Kindly was able to award M.C. with a laptop to assist her in her educational goals. Despite experiencing domestic abuse, homelessness, and health problems that make it difficult for her to walk, M.C. is pursuing her education.

We met with Linda (Executive Director of DVC), Christy(Case Manager), and other staff from the DVC to have a nice little meeting to surprise M.C. with her award. 

M.C. is a younger mother but deals with medical issues and when she first walked in, we noticed she had a walker. Her little girl came jumping in as well and she was full of light and smiles. Seeing her smile so big and hear that her mom was being given an award to help with school melted our hearts. We hope M.C. could see what an example she was and could continue to be for her daughter.
The best part about this meeting was hearing M.C. say how much this would help ease a burden for her. She then told us that she often takes the bus so she and her 5-year-old daughter could do their homework on the library computers.  Thinking of M.C. continuing to do this, even with her disability and with the struggles she's faced, inspired us. She was putting in effort and still striving for an education, despite how difficult simple things (such as finding a way to do homework) were for her. She expressed so much gratitude to have this burden somewhat lifted. 

She is such an example to her little girl and we were honored to meet them both.

The Project Lead Kindly team