Y.M. - Lead Kindly Awardee

April 15, 2015

We are so happy to benefit another family with a Lead Kindly Award. Despite experiencing abuse, this specific mother has set out for a new life and leads kindly by giving, such as sharing her (limited) resources and food with the food pantry. She hopes to create a chain of hope for her two sons and to break the domestic abuse cycle. She wants to inspire them and create a positive cycle of kindness & paying it forward to others.

Her kids, one of which has been diagnosed with Dyslexia & ADD, have been benefiting greatly from music & art classes. Music & art greatly help to improve social skills & communication, especially for those with these types of diagnoses. However, after separating from their abusive father & being the main provider for her children, lesser funds have made it difficult for her to continue them in these programs. Wanting a brighter future for her children, this mother applied for an award to benefit her two sons, in hopes that we could cover a month of their tuition.

We are so happy to assist her children with their tuition and will be awarding not just 1 month, but more, so she does not have to remove them from these educational programs. We are grateful to this inspiring mother for striving to be a positive influence and to create a more positive future for herself and her boys. She is a great example of leading kindly. This is what the future needs.

The Project Lead Kindly team