Updated Mission/New Programs/New Logo!

March 31, 2016

There are quite a few, exciting changes going on for Project Lead Kindly! We have been a non-profit for 1.5 years now! As time moves forward, we hope our organization will continue to grow and evolve into becoming as effective and as purposeful as it can be. We found it important to take a long, hard look at our mission plan and all the work we have done thus far. We coupled that with requests we have had from partner agencies & the women & children we've serviced, and we saw fit to make some very positive changes that we hope are an indication of our commitment to effectively serve & spread our message of "leading kindly." 

Project Lead Kindly is a non-profit organization dedicated to reminding everyone of their potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others, no matter their circumstances. We provide charitable service to women & children in need, and offer workshops & programs that empower women & girls to lead kindly.

There has been no change to the message we are dedicated to spreading to anyone and everyone: reminding all of their potential within to "lead kindly," no matter their circumstance. We believe that kindness & charity are valuable tools that can bring hope & healing to anyone (yes, including you!) through any struggle. We want to continue to encourage all, especially the discouraged, that even in the face of trials & challenges, you can still make a difference in the lives of others. When we remember our potential to serve & help others, we can ultimately also help ourselves. 

Our old mission statement indicated we provided "charitable service to mothers & children affected by domestic violence & homelessness." We have now changed it to "providing charitable service to women & children in need." This is a very exciting change for us because it opens up the types of shelters, agencies, and community resources we can connect with throughout California (and eventually throughout the country). It also opens up the amount of people we will be able to help through our services! We will still continue to advocate for and service domestic violence and homeless shelters. We are still passionate about breaking tragic cycles, and helping women to be examples to their children. The women & children within domestic violence & homeless shelters absolutely need our continued assistance, and it has been such a privilege connecting with so many of these types of agencies throughout the state. (We have connected with 10 thus far, which we see as great growth!) But we realize there are other kinds of women & children who also need our help & need our advocacy, specifically sick children in hospitals, cancer patients, single mothers, foster children...the list goes on and on. This change in our mission of servicing "women & children in need" only expands our outreach to various kinds of people facing different and difficult trials, because ultimately, we are an organization that advocates for and strives to empower all women & children. We can't be more excited for this change!
With that said, if you know of an agency, hospital, clinic, etc. that services women or children in need, we welcome your suggestions so we may connect with them and bring Project Lead Kindly to them! We will also continue to provide charitable service to these various agencies through our Lead Kindly Projects throughout the year. Be sure to email your suggestions to projectleadkindly@gmail.com!

Another addition you will see to our mission statement is that we now "offer workshops and programs that empower women & girls to lead kindly." This is also another exciting change. We have always spread our message by giving presentations in events, conferences, and through our partner agencies. We will continue to offer these presentations that can be geared towards adults, women & children within our partner agencies, and any audience. In addition to that, we are also developing a "Lead Kindly Workshop for Girls." This workshop will be geared towards girls 8-17 years old. It will be fun, interactive, and an encouraging way to help them learn the "lead kindly" message and see their potential to be kind leaders within the community. We hope to bring empowerment to these young ladies, and also encourage them to use "leading kindly" as a tool to help them through the trials & challenges they face in their young lives.  We hope to empower and inspire these girls to become kind leaders that will build a stronger future generation!
We will be doing our first workshop in May or June of this year, and look forward to connecting with more & more people throughout California in this way! If you know of a group or business that services girls this age (ie: Girl Scout troops, schools, clubs, youth groups, etc.), and would like us to hold a "Lead Kindly Workshop" for them, please contact us to schedule!

Another program we have modified is how our "Lead Kindly Awards" are given. Each year, we will strive to hold a special celebratory event honoring Lead Kindly Awardees. These awardees will be nominated, meet specific criteria, and they must demonstrate exceptional ways of "leading kindly" in their lives, despite facing difficult trials. There will be an application/nomination period which will be announced later this year. Through this program, we hope to discover and award deserving individuals who truly apply the "lead kindly" message to their lives. The awards can be used towards educational or professional goals.

Those are the changes within our mission statement and a summary of how they alter the way we will serve people. We hope with these changes, we will be able to reach even more people, partner with even more agencies that service women & children in need, provide even more service, & spread our message of kindness to even more people. 

How do you like it?? WE LOVE IT! We wanted a logo created that was uniquely ours. When you see it, we hope you immediately recognize it as PLK's! It shares our mission & vision in such a simple and beautiful design. We love how our name creates the bottom of the light bulb. We love that it is a "light", going back to our belief that all have a light within them to lead kindly, no matter what. We love the heart in the center representing kindness. As we spread our message of "leading kindly," we hope to remind people to FLIP ON that light within them to be kind & make a difference in someone's life. When that light turns on, even in the face of darkness, amazing things happen!!

We wish to send a very big THANK YOU to Samantha from Graphic Love Shop for leading kindly with us and offering to create this beautiful new logo! She was absolutely instrumental in seeing our vision and bringing it to life. The logo is everything we were hoping for and we can't thank Samantha enough for doing this out of the goodness of her heart. Not only was she wonderful to work with but she was incredibly efficient and totally invested in creating this. She really cared about the cause and that made it even more special. THANK YOU, SAMANTHA! Check out her shop: www.etsy.com/Shop/GraphicLoveShop which has awesome personalized invitations, printables, and other design services!! Be sure to also check it out on facebook!

So those are all the exciting new changes happening here at Project Lead Kindly! We're ready to keep on growing & hope you will join us in this growth! Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • volunteer to be a "Leader" at one of our Workshops for Girls! We need people who can be great examples to the girls we reach, will help run the workshops, and spread our message! Email us at projectleadkindly@gmail.com if you are interested in getting on our volunteer list and being a part of a future Workshop!
  • schedule a presentation: know of a conference, event, agency, or other audience that may be in need of the "Lead Kindly" message? We are always scheduling presentations. Email projectleadkindly@gmail.com.
  • refer any agencies, shelters, hospitals, or other community resources that assist women & children in any sort of need. We will look into them & see if we can bring Lead Kindly to them! Email projectleadkindly@gmail.com!
  • refer any groups of girls (anywhere from 8-17 years old) who may be interested in having a Lead Kindly Workshop thrown for them! (girl scouts, youth groups, clubs, schools, etc!) Or if you are able to get together a group of 12 girls minimum, we can throw a private Workshop for you! Email projectleadkindly@gmail.com!
  • donate to our cause! We can't do this without your help! Donations will help us spread our message to more people, offer FREE workshops for girls, give "Lead Kindly Awards," and provide more charitable service to women & children in need! 
  • share our cause! Here are some ways to do it on social media: click here!