Welcome New Board Member: Raewyn!

We are THRILLED to welcome Raewyn Sangari as our newest PLK Board Member & Online Relations Manager! Raewyn will be taking over social media, the PLK blog, connecting with bloggers, businesses, and the many people we network with online to share the Lead Kindly message to other parts of the world, and managing PLK social media campaigns & initiatives!

She first found PLK on instagram, volunteered for our Pregnancy Shelter Hop, then became a serious asset in helping that to move forward along with planning our Workshops for Girls! There's no doubt we've gained a great LEADer and a friend! These pictures represent her perfectly - she's loving, kind, driven, and a wonder woman!

Here's a little bit more about Raewyn & some questions she answered! Please help us in welcoming her to Project Lead Kindly! We are so happy to have her!!
Raewyn is the founder of Be a Warrior Queen, a movement empowering women to embrace self-love. She’s also a new wife and mother to a baby girl, learning to navigate these new waters while maintaining her sense of self. The Warrior Queen Movement began in 2006 among Raewyn’s group of friends. Always having a passion for writing and feminism, Raewyn graduated from California State University Northridge in 2012 with a journalism degree and a focus in Women's Studies. Love and people are Raewyn's biggest passions.

~Favorite thing to do in your spare time:
Blog!! I have a serious love of interacting with my online community. If I happen to have a whole weekend free with my family, however, I love to go camping and dirtbiking in the desert!

~How do you try to lead kindly in your life, even in the face of struggles?
I try to always set a good example and to be aware of myself. I think that having kindness comes from having an awareness, both in ourselves and those surrounding us. When I'm struggling with something, I make sure to spend time reflecting and identifying the struggle and how I can overcome it. At the same time, I try to think of others I have seen suffering, too, drawing upon their strength and offering my support.

~Your favorite quote:
"You can't change the world, but you can make a dent." - Death to Smoochy.
The quote is from a movie and I know it seems cynical, but it helps me remember that I might not make the biggest change in the world, but my dent will be a change for someone.

~What would you tell someone going through trials?
I see your strength. I see you. You have the tools to overcome this, they may not have revealed themselves to you at this time. I will be right here with you if you need someone to lean on.

~Why you love being a part of PLK:
Project Lead Kindly is everything I ever wanted to do but didn't know how to go about implementing! I love the members of Project Lead Kindly. They inspire me to be my best self, chase my dreams and to continue to shower others with kindness. The ideas of how to change and help others is just phenomenal and I am so excited to be a part of this.