Ways You Can Join Project Lead Kindly

June 9, 2016

Recently, we changed the Project Lead Kindly mission statement to be more inclusive of all women and children in need. While our message to lead kindly stayed the same, we have many more ways of helping out!

Are you wondering how you can join Project Lead Kindly?

Share Our Cause
Are you always on social media? It is such a part of everyday life that I’m willing to bet you are! Not only that, but your friends and family probably look to you for referrals to amazing organizations like ours!

If you’re feeling passionate about leading kindly like we do, you can:
  • “LIKE” our Facebook page and share our posts! We’ve even come up with the perfect post; all you have to do is copy and paste it into a Facebook Status! We can all be kind, no matter our circumstances. - Check out Project Lead Kindly, a charity dedicated to spreading this message, empowering girls, & assisting women & children in need. Visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/projectleadkindly  
  • Follow us on Instagram and share a photo with our hashtag #projectleadkindly. Be sure to tag us!
  • Follow us on Twitter and share this tweet!

Lead Kindly Story Submissions
Do you have a story to share of someone who has lead kindly, despite having challenges and difficulties in their own life?

As we share these stories of kindness, we can inspire ALL to realize that everyone can lead kindly and do good, no matter what life throws our way.

Fill out this form or email your submissions to hello@projectleadkindly.com

Submit Pictures of Kindness
One of our favorite ways to see you leading kindly, is through photo submissions! You can help bring encouragement to others going through a hard time by making a sign with the following words. Of course, you can come up with your own!
  • "Lead kindly even when life is hard."
  • "Lead kindly even through trials."
  • "Lead kindly even when you feel you have nothing."
  • "Lead kindly even when you feel discouraged."
Post the photo to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag us at Project Lead Kindly and hashtag it #projectleadkindly.

Start a chain by tagging 3 friends and asking them to post their own photos! Let’s make this a crazy amazing movement!

Be sure to email us your photo at hello@projectleadkindly.com so we can add it to our site!

Women’s Words
If you are a woman who has experienced a huge trial or hardship we would like to connect and share your thoughts and stories of how kindness has helped you! You can submit your story through our email hello@projectleadkindly.com

We are in awe of the women we have connected with who have gone through trials & still lead kindly in their lives.
[picture credit: Sage Mama Doula]

Give us ideas!
Do you have an idea for an event or our next service project? We would love to hear it! Collaboration is one of our favorite ways to share our mission! Even if you are not local, we would love to collaborate.

These 5 ways that you can join us are not the only 5 ways to help! Soon, we will be looking for volunteers to help with our new workshops and next year’s service project! Of course, we are always accepting donations to fund our service projects!

written by: Raewyn Sangari, Board Member, Online Relations Manager