How To Involve Children In Giving Back This Summer

 June 2, 2016

As schools let out for the summer, are you tearing your hair out trying to make a plan for your kids’ summer so that they don’t spend the whole thing on electronics?

Get your kids excited about giving back and leading kind lives. Small acts that can be done every day can change your child’s life and open up their hearts to the world around them. Check out our favorite ways to involve kids in giving back!

Do a Park or Beach Clean Up

This is one of the easiest ways to give back every single day! It’s summer and you’re probably going to go crazy keeping the kids inside all day. They want to be outside and you want them to be outside, too! So why not get some park time in and follow it up with a mini clean up as you leave?

Of course, organizing something with your playgroup is even better!

Perks to this activity include learning about the environment and why littering is bad.

Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day

A day like this can be so much fun for kids and really open their eyes to the kindness the world needs. Here are two fun ways to have a Random Acts of Kindness day.
  1. Make a list of ways to be kind to others with your kids. Spend the day trying to implement these. Ideas include: giving flowers to a stranger, buying someone coffee or lunch, leaving inspirational notes and more.
  2. Actively identify ways that your kids could do a Random Act of Kindness throughout the day. If you’re going to the grocery store, point out all of the ways they can help someone else.
Perks to this activity include creating a lasting habit for our children and teaching them how to lead kindly each day.

Visit a Retirement Community

Showing kindness to our elders is often overlooked in our modern society. The people who once revered for their wisdom, now find themselves pushed to the side and forgotten in retirement communities. Children need to understand the value of our elders.

Find a retirement community and check out their visitation hours and children policies. Have your children draw pictures, write letters or pick flowers to bring. Give them the opportunity to meet and converse with as many people as possible.

Perks to this activity include fascinating history lessons for our kids!

Give a Homeless Person Food or Water

This is the easiest way to show kindness in your everyday life without planning something out. Most urban areas have homeless shelters, but you do not actually have to go to a shelter to give back. If you see a homeless person sitting outside an establishment or at the end of the freeway, offer them a meal or water.

If the weather is wet, it is easy to pick up some ponchos or plastic bags at the dollar store and can mean a world of difference to someone stuck outside.

Teaching our children to give more than just money is important. Money is impersonal and doesn't show the depths of our kind hearts. A warm meal and conversation can go a long way.
Perks to this activity include teaching our children tolerance and that all people deserve our kindness, even those that may "look scary." They will see that everyone has a story.

Send Post Cards to Active Duty Military

Our service men and women love to receive letters and care packages, especially from our kids. It is so important to teach them the importance of our military members, what they do for our country and how we can support them!

While on a vacation (or in your hometown!) have your child pick a postcard and write a short note! Head over to
Operation We Are Here and mail it to the service man or woman your child chooses!

Perks to this activity include teaching our children about the hardships our military members face and how important it is for us to show them our gratitude and kindness.

What are your favorite ways to give back with your children? Tweet us!

written by: Raewyn Sangari, Board Member, Online Relations Manager