22 Ways To Lead Kindly

As you probably know, our birthday is next week!! To celebrate and lead up to #WorldLeadKindlyDay, we’ve been posting our 22 favorite ways to lead kindly over on Instagram!

Need some ideas and don’t want to wait to see them all over there? Here’s the full list, compiled by our amazing board members!

  1. Tag a kind friend on social media and tell them what you admire about them

  1. Print out #worldleadkindlyday notes and place them in public places for others to find and be encouraged.

  1. Tag a friend on social media and tell them how they have made a difference for you or others with their kindness

  1. Today, make an effort to take note of all the things a family member/loved one does throughout the day. Write down in notes on your phone or on paper all the good things they do throughout the course of the day, big and small (they helped wash the dishes, they worked really hard, they listened to you In that phone call, etc). This will help you to appreciate all they do. You can show them the list at end of the day and tell them you appreciate them.

  1. Be kind to yourself. Write down 3 talents you have and how you can use it (or have used it) to help other people. Continue to lead kindly with those talents!

  1. Place spare change in your wallet or car today so it is ready to give to give to a homeless person.

  1. Volunteer for our cooking club or share our 2016 project on your social media to spread word about helping and encouraging these women

  1. Donate gloves, scarves, or socks to our drive or sponsor a woman for $25 to provide a warm meal, snack pack, and kindness kit.

  1. Go out (walk, drive) with your family or a friend or by yourself and make effort to seek someone to serve (ie: help someone with their groceries to their car, help a neighbor, pick up trash, drop off cookies to a friend)
  2. Keep an eye out for people who need help today (do they look lost & need help with directions? Do they look sad and need a smile or need to tAlk? Do they look bored or lonely and need someone to just say hi and ask if they're ok?) be observant!

  1. Think of the last nice thing someone did for you and send a thank you card saying how they helped you

  1. Take time to compliment someone for their great work or hard things they do each day

  1. Write someone a thoughtful note and leave it in a place they'll find later like their car, coat pocket, etc

  1. Try to find one thing you have in common with a new friend or coworker and make plans to do an activity together

  1. Offer someone a ride home or to work or help with running stressful errands.

  1. Make something (can even just be a card) for a person you know going through a rough time just to let them know you're thinking of them & make them smile

  1. Think of the last good deed someone did for you and do the same for someone else today.
  2. Buy a crossing guard a cold water or drink and thank them for their protection.
  3. Ask the person next to you in line how their day is going and how you can make it better.
  4. Teach a child about how easy it is to have a kind spirit.
  5. Be kind to your body, nourish it and only practice positive thought today.
  6. Leave a Yelp review for your favorite local spot

What are your favorite ways to show kindness and lead kindly? Let us know!

Don’t forget to print your #WorldLeadKindlyDay notes and share them on Instagram!