How To Be Kind When You're Having A Bad Day

Kindness is easy when you make it a habit and a part of your everyday life. Most of the kind acts in your day, you do without even thinking, like holding the door for a stranger or showing gratitude to the cashier behind the counter.

But when we’re having a bad day, things can often go by in a blur. Your kindness may not be as forthcoming and you might even say something rude without thinking about it. That’s normal. In fact, it’s natural to be grumpy when you’re having a bad day and things are not going right for you.

We’ll let you in on a little secret. All you have to do is change your mindset with these quick and easy acts and two things will magically happen. One, you’ll make someone else’s day brighter and two, you will make your own day brighter!

In fact, these have been known to turn a bad day into a pretty decent day.


This one gets forgotten the most. How hard is it to continue to have a bad day when you smile at someone? Pretty hard, especially because their returned smile makes you feel the smile even more.

Maybe it’s cheesy, but a smile is contagious, even if you’re smiling at yourself. We’re not talking about a forced smile either. Take that moment to truly smile at someone, even if you can’t think of anything that is making you smile at that moment. Perhaps you can think of a favorite memory or your favorite place.

September is Suicide Prevention Month and we want to make sure you know how much one smile can change a stranger’s entire day. Connect. Reach out to other people, even with a smile, because that smile will go a long way.

Call Someone You Haven't Talked To

When you’re having a bad day, the best thing you can do for yourself is to call a trusted family member, friend or confidant. It is definitely okay to feel the weight of your bad day, but you do not have to go through that alone!!

Your confidant will be able to lift you up and you’ll be able to connect with someone you haven’t talked to in awhile!

It’s a bit ironic that when we have a bad day it can be more difficult to reach out to someone, when reaching out is the best thing for us. More times than I can count, I’ve reached out to a friend on a bad day and they too were going through something they needed to talk about. We need each other.

Random Act of Kindness

A surefire way to be kind and turn your bad day around is to orchestrate random acts of kindness. You could even make it a game for yourself.

Brainstorm ways that you can be kind to someone else or make someone else smile. Pick the three easiest ways and do them!

If that doesn’t turn your bad day around you can always turn your focus on yourself.

Be Kind To Yourself

Focusing on yourself, especially when you are having a bad day, is not selfish. Not even a lightbulb can be on all of the time. You need to allow yourself some time to recharge and to process your emotions.

On bad days, you can treat yourself to a relaxing detox bath, a solo trip to the beach or a park, write it out in a journal, or spend some time reading a favorite book.

The number one thing to remember when you’re having a bad day is this: Your bad day will end and a good day will come again. Allow yourself grace and kindness.

By allowing yourself grace, you are refueling your soul, making it easier to be kind and take care of others. Self-care should always be a priority!

Of course, if none of this seems to work for you, you can always just climb back into bed and start your day over! It’s been known to change bad days for ages - especially if you take a little nap when you climb back into bed!

How do you show kindness on your bad days?
written by: Raewyn Sangari, Board Member, Online Relations Manager