Project Lead Kindly Turns 2!!

 [ photo by: Miguel Angel Gaytan ]
Dear Kind Friends, 

Today marks Project Lead Kindly's 2nd birthday as a nonprofit and the first official World Lead Kindly Day! Please celebrate with us by finding a way to Lead Kindly today (need ideas? Check out 22 ways to lead kindly here) and printing/posting #WorldLeadKindlyDay notes for others to find!
We are thrilled and beyond grateful at what PLK and YOU have been able to do throughout the past 2 years. We certainly could not have done all of this without you.

We want to thank each and every one of you who has chosen to lead kindly with us in the past two years. You have shown us what it truly means to "lead kindly." One of the best things about running this nonprofit is seeing evidence of our mission's message come to light. Our message is that there are good people in the world. Our message is that there is so much potential in every single one of you. Our message is that everyone has the ability to make a positive difference in someone else's life, no matter their circumstances. Our mission is to remind as many people as we can about their ability to "lead kindly," and you have helped us to see and do all this, one person at a time.

In these first two years, we have been blessed to truly see that potential shown in hundreds & hundreds of people who have lead kindly with us. From our amazing volunteers, to the resilient and brave women and children who have touched our lives and that we have worked with through our partner agencies, through the directors, case managers, and staff we have connected with throughout California, through vendors and businessmen and women who have assisted & supported us, through our hard-working Board Members and Team, through supporters and social media -- YOU have shown us that people can make a positive difference when they remember their ability to do good. You have inspired us with your strength to serve one another, even when it is difficult and even when you face challenges of your own. You have amazed us with your selflessness, service, and talents. You have shown us that there is a light within people, and when one is reminded of that light, and it is allowed to shine, amazing things happen.
  • Because of you, we were able to donate over $1000 in women's necessities to a Domestic Violence Shelter in our very first Lead Kindly Service Project, just 2.5 months old.
  • Because of you, we were able to donate nearly 700 books to benefit children who live below poverty level in Los Angeles the following year.
  • Because of you, we were able to donate baby necessities to five shelters throughout LA and OC who house homeless, pregnant women, and offer a special, celebratory event to the mothers and children serviced at Angels Way Maternity Home.
  • Because of you, we can bring the Lead Kindly message to 175 homeless women for our 2016 Christmas Project  at Downtown Women's Center. We will be able to cook 175 warm meals for them and provide 175 kindness kits and snack packs.
  • Because of you, we were able to go around California talking through 16 Lead Kindly presentations and connecting with 378 adults, mothers, and children through our presentations, conferences, events, partner shelters, and support groups, and remind them of their worth & potential to "lead kindly." 
  • Because of you, we have received referrals and connections to partner with 11 organizations/shelters in California and are growing to bring Lead Kindly to more women and children in need.
  • Because of you, we are able to offer FREE Lead Kindly Workshops for youth girls so we can remind them of their worth & potential to make a positive difference.
  • Because of you, we can start offering SCHOLARSHIPS for young girls to achieve an education and learn to make a positive difference in the world through the program.
  • Because of you, we can continue to offer Lead Kindly Awards to assist women and children in need at our partner agencies to achieve their educational goals. Thank you so much for all your support and donations that have made all of this possible. 
Whenever we attend any sort of event where PLK is involved, we always come away feeling energized and rejuvenated. We are reminded how many good people there are in the world (and in our local communities) who genuinely care about other people and are interested in actually doing something about it rather than just talking about it. We are, again, very grateful to everyone who has, in any way, supported or encouraged PLK and our message. When we first started, we couldn't have imagined this kind of work being done by our 2nd birthday. Our sights are on helping more and more people as we still have lots of work to do. We have lots planned and coming up to assist more women and children in need, and to empower more people to lead kinder lives and tap into their potential to DO GOOD.  We hope to grow our organization in the future and increase our capacity to help and lift others.

Thank you for sticking with us as a young nonprofit and helping Project Lead Kindly to develop and grow into what it is thus far.  We also sincerely hope we have helped to remind you that no matter what challenges you may be facing in your life, you have so much worth and an ability to make a positive difference in this world, even through the smallest acts of kindness.

We hope to continue seeing you leading kindly with us in this next year as we continue to learn, grow, and serve! Here's to another year! Happy World Lead Kindly Day!!!

Kind wishes,
Scott & Pamela Macdonald
Co-Founders, Project Lead Kindly

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