Lead Kindly Workshop for Girls: Laurel House

On Saturday, October 15, 2016, Project Lead Kindly held its first *official* Lead Kindly Workshop for Girls. It was held at one of our partner agencies, Laurel House, in Tustin. Laurel House's mission is providing a home for at-risk, troubled, runaway, or homeless teen girls.

Each of our Lead Kindly Workshops has four various stations that the girls go through with Lead Kindly LEADers. There are games, activities, and discussion topics that help teach each participant what it means to "lead kindly." Our goal is to remind and encourage young girls of their potential and unique strengths, and that they have the ability to make a positive difference, no matter what challenges they may face. Our hope with these workshops is to help youth to remember their worth and to practice leading more kindly in their lives, rather than turning to harmful or destructive behaviors.

Here are some photos highlighting parts of the workshop:

Co-founder, Pam and Board Members, Raewyn & Karla, start off the workshop! SO grateful for our volunteer LEADers who give of their time to empower girls with Project Lead Kindly!

Ice breaker time outside!

You know you want to run around with us!

The girls LOVED our Lead Kindly Jars which contain tips and ways each day to lead kindly. We told them to put the jars by their beds to remind them to pick a piece of paper out each day. This will hopefully be a way for them to implement leading kindly in their lives, even after the workshop.

LEADer, Raewyn, leads her group in a discussion about leading kindly.

LEADer, Karla, leads her group in a discussion about leading kindly. 

LEADer, Pam, leads her group in a discussion about leading kindly. 

Some of the trials and struggles these girls have faced/are facing. Our job was to remind them that even with these challenges, they have unique talents and strengths they can share to make a positive impact in this world. The board showed that they are not alone in their trials, as we all face them in our lives. Though trials like these  may try to "bury" their lights, they can still shine it and lead kindly!

 There was a whole lotta love on Saturday! (and maybe a silly skit put on by the LEADers!) 

Tangled Chain Game! Teaching girls that when they work together and remember others, "challenges" and a "messed up situation" can be easier to get through! (and can you believe our whole group was able to untangle ourselves in time?! We were so excited! What did we learn? You can work together, have fun, and HELP OTHERS, even when you're faced with a challenge!)

One of our stations helped the girls learn that small acts of kindness can create positive change in ourselves and in other people.
We each wrote encouraging, kind words on each other's backs. It felt good to read what was written about yourself, but it felt even better to help others feel good too!

One of our favorite parts of the day was hearing the girls read their Encourage Leading Kindly cards. They each stood up and shared what they wrote on their cards. Each card held words of encouragement for others, how they plan to lead kindly moving forward, or what they learned about leading kindly that day. It was an encouraging and uplifting moment seeing what they took away from the workshop! They had such beautiful words to share!

Here are some of the words they wrote. Do you feel encouraged yet? We do!

Each girl told us why they will lead kindly moving forward....

If you couldn't tell from the pictures, the workshop was very special and so much fun! We absolutely enjoyed spending our day with the girls at Laurel House. We were there to teach and encourage them, but they taught us so much more and also uplifted us! Thank you so much to the staff at Laurel House, specifically Donna, Tara, and Anna, for having us!! We cannot wait to come back!

If you would like to become a Lead Kindly LEADer at one of our workshops, please fill out the volunteer form to be notified of upcoming opportunities. We would love to have you help us empower girls!

If you would like to schedule a Lead Kindly Workshop for your group of girls, click here