Board Member Spotlight!: Pamela Macdonald

One of our co-founders, Pamela, celebrated her birthday recently! What better time to share her board member spotlight!

Pamela Kay Macdonald ( was born in the Philippines and grew up in southern California. She is a wife, mother of two, and a registered nurse. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing from Mount St. Mary's University and worked in Postpartum and Labor & Delivery units. She, along with her husband, is the Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of Project Lead Kindly. Some of her greatest passions in life include her family, charity work, the performing arts, and striving to remind all people they are capable of so much good, no matter what challenges they face. She believes platforms of any size, big or small, can and should be used to help others. 

Why did you choose to create Project Lead Kindly?
I have a genuine desire to reach out to those who are discouraged, feeling worthless, or lost. My heart goes out to those who have reached such a low point that they feel they don't have the potential to do anything good. I want to help remind them of their worth. Project Lead Kindly is a way to connect with women and children in various walks of life, to serve those in need, and to share something with them that can uplift them or give them hope, especially through difficult times in their lives. If we can help even one person to make something good out of their trials and make a positive difference for someone else, then PLK has been successful.

How do you lead kindly in your everyday life?
By listening when family, friends, and the women or youth we connect with come to talk to me with a problem. I do a lot of talking in PLK through presentations and workshops, but I find that oftentimes people need someone to just listen. I try to be there for them in this way by lending a shoulder as I listen to their stories and worries and doubts. I also try to find small ways to serve others or be a good example each day, even when it is difficult for me. I go through many trials of my own, and often-times face discouragement and moments where I am overly-critical of myself or feel I am not worth much. Instead of believing those things and allowing negative thoughts to bring me down, I try to remember what I am hoping to teach to others through Project Lead Kindly. I know I can be a good example and so I try to do that each day in some way. You never know when your kindness or example can positively affect someone who needs it most. I fall a lot, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to try again.

Who is your kindness role model?
Without question, my role model is Jesus Christ. To me, He is the ultimate example of kindness and showed how to treat others and how to approach varying challenges & situations in kind and righteous ways. He never faltered, even during the hardest moments. He handled His trials and hardships with perfect compassion, kindness, integrity, and a love of God and all people from all walks of life. With every situation and challenge I face, if I can just take even a step closer to being like Him, I feel I am heading in the right direction.

What other passions do you have?
I love being with my husband and children. I am my happiest when I am with my family. They teach me and strengthen me every day. I also gravitate towards the arts - music (specifically playing piano), acting, theatre, dance, and other outlets where I can be creative. I really love coming up with ideas for things and any time I can use my imagination and have a chance to be creative.
I realize that I have also taken most interest in pursuing things that almost always involve assisting women or children in some form or another. Whether through my choice in nursing career (working in Labor & Delivery), the decision to establish a nonprofit, or how I speak or perform at various events- serving in these ways has made my life fulfilling.

What do you do as the Co-Executive Director?
I oversee all operations and ensure that the mission of Project Lead Kindly is being accomplished. I research & connect with various shelters and agencies throughout California that service women & children in need. I schedule meetings with their Directors or other staff to discuss how PLK can partner with them and help them. I also run our Board Meetings and guide our Board Members in accomplishing tasks, service projects, fundraisers, scheduling Lead Kindly Workshops for Girls, coming up with new programs & ideas, etc. I assist in major decision-making and speak, along with my husband, to give Lead Kindly presentations.

If you could leave one mark on the world, what would it be?
If I could leave one mark on the world it would be that I inspired someone to remember their worth and to do something positive for others because they were reminded of that fact. If I could help uplift even one person to rise up out of discouragement, loneliness, painful mistakes, or tragedy, then I will feel I have accomplished one of those things I think l I was sent here to do.