Seeing Too Much Negativity? Here Are 11 Positive Quotes.

 On Wednesday, November 9th, our co-founders went live on facebook to share some encouraging reminders for all of you (you can watch the video at this link or see it below. Leave comments to let us know the last kind thing someone did for you or your thoughts on leading kindly and how it affects your life. We want to hear from you!). Throughout the week, our team has also commented and posted encouraging thoughts on social media. No doubt there's tons of negativity on social media right now, especially following the recent 2016 election. We can get discouraged or carried away as we are consistently bombarded by this stuff. Negativity can be all around us, particularly on the internet, but also in our every day lives. Things can get hard, challenges come our way. In these hard moments, we ask ourselves, "How will I choose to behave today?" and "What good can I contribute today?"

Here are 11 quotes that hold positive words and reminders that have been pulled from Project Lead Kindly postings, messages, social media, and videos from this week.
We hope they are helpful in uplifting you through the difficult times and serving as a reminder that no matter what darkness goes on around you, you still have that choice and ability to use your light and lead kindly.

From Scott Macdonald, Project Lead Kindly Co-Founder:
1) "The best feeling one can feel, is when he or she can make another person feel a genuine sense of self-worth."
2) About children in need: "It's not a matter of money, even if I could get them money to change their lives, I'm not sure that's really what would accomplish anything for them. The message we reinforce is a message that can help them. It's a free message. It's a message that in empowering oneself, you are able to empower others. You can help others feel good about themselves, simply for who they are."

 3) "Children need to know they are valued and loved. They don't need to do anything or behave in any way to earn that value of who they are. I want them to know they matter."


From Raewyn Sangari, Project Lead Kindly Online Relations Manager:
5) "I choose to show you my kindness and compassion. To have frank conversations on how we can unite. Do we have fear for the future? Yes, but we can have that fear no matter what is said or who is president. I can be proactive, aware, educated and kind. I can model this for my daughter...For her I will fight the negativity and the what ifs and I will take kind action where I can. I ask you to choose the same. To choose love and kindness and respect."

6)  "This year, my focus was 100% on leading kindly and I feel so much more peace, hope, and trust."


From Pamela Macdonald, Project Lead Kindly Co-Founder:

8) "When you share your light with others, meaning your talents, your good characteristics, your kindness, your ability to help people, even in the face of adversity, you're able to see a little clearer in a seemingly darkening world."

9) "When you lead kindly, your trials may not completely go away, but you'll be able to find a greater sense of peace."
10) "The last of one's freedoms is the ability to choose one's attitude in any given circumstance." Project Lead Kindly is here for you because we believe in the great potential of people. You can choose to take things one way or the better way. We are here to try and encourage you, uplift you, and remind you of your ability to choose the stronger road where you can use your voice, unique abilities, and strengths for real good, no matter what goes on around you. What good can you contribute to the world today? It is needed. That light to do good things is always in you, no matter how many outside factors try to dim it. Lead kindly."