2016 Winter Project Is Coming Up!

In just a  few days  we will be doing our Winter   Service Project for the  women on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. WWe will be cooking for 175 women at the Cooking Club at the Downtown Women's  Center, our 12th partner agency in California!

Here is a little history of the Downtown Women’s Center.
“DWC is built on a friendship that grew between a homeless woman named Rosa and an outreach worker named Jill Halverson. This friendship inspired Jill to open the Center and establish a community through which the lives of women like Rosa could be restored. In the 38 years since Jill’s extraordinary act of compassion, we’ve reached thousands of women and transformed countless lives. We’ve created a community of supporters and advocates dedicated to ending homelessness.”

In addition to serving them with our Christmas project this year, they are excited to have us bring our workshops and awards to the homeless women they service in Los Angeles.

1) Monetary donations of any amount are greatly appreciated! $25 provides a woman with a kit, snack pack, and warm meal. We need to serve 175 women!
2) Spread the word: Simply share one of our flyers or a post from our social media about our 2016 Christmas Project!
3) Volunteer: see info below & fill out a volunteer form to sign up!

Join the Project Lead Kindly team at Downtown Women's Center where we will cook and serve meals to 175 women! We will be cooking all meals in the Downtown Women's Center kitchen (with help from a Kitchen Leader at DWC) then serving lunch!
This is where we will get to distribute Kindness Kits, donate Snack Packs,
and interact with the women of DWC! Sign up to bring some Christmas cheer the Lead Kindly way!