schedule a "Lead Kindly Message" workshop or presentation

We spread the "Lead Kindly Message" in hopes of empowering and encouraging
all to realize their great worth and to know of their ability to serve and be an inspiration to others, no matter their hardships. 

Lead Kindly Workshops for Girls
  • We offer fun & interactive "Lead Kindly Workshops" geared towards girls ages 8-17 years old
  • This workshop empowers girls to be "leaders in kindness."
  • It reminds girls of their worth & potential within to be kind & make a positive difference, regardless of their trials & challenges. 
  • We strive to remind children/teens of their worth and great potential to turn to good things when they're facing trials, instead of damaging, hurtful outlets.
  • Workshops include various stations with discussion topics, activities, games, and crafts that encourage the girls to "lead kindly."
  • Our goal is to encourage and empower girls to build a kinder future, and give them tools that can help them through the struggles they face in their lives.
  • We can hold workshops for youth groups, girl scouts, clubs, teams, schools, libraries, hospitals, our partner agencies, and other community locations & resources that service girls!
  • OR if you put together a group of friends, we can also do a private workshop for you!
  • If you feel your group of girls would benefit from our workshops, please schedule with us by emailing!
  • VOLUNTEER: We need "Leaders" for our workshops! If you want to be a part of these workshops & help empower girls, check out the Workshop Leaders Page to volunteer! 
Lead Kindly Presentations
  • We also deliver the Lead Kindly Message in a presentation geared towards adults.
  • Like the workshops, these encourage various audiences to see their potential to be kind & make a difference, no matter their trials.
  • We have given these at conferences, shelters, agencies, and other events.
 We are so thankful for the opportunity we have had to speak with and connect with all of you!
Our mission is to spread our message near & far to uplift and encourage as many people as we can.

How to Schedule
  • We schedule workshops & presentations throughout the year. 
  • You can always return to this page to see any updates for upcoming public workshops!
  • If you have questions or would like us to come to you and present "The Lead Kindly Message" at your shelter, agency, support group, youth group, women's group, girls' group, club, conference, or other event, please email us at