donate to project lead kindly.
Thank you for supporting our efforts to uplift & save mothers & children affected by homelessness & domestic violence.

1) Monetary Donations: Your donations help us spread our message of kindness, provide free workshops, presentations, and programs that empower girls & women to lead kindly, and provide charitable service to women & children in need.
You can donate online:
(note: you do not need a paypal account to donate!)

2) Donations by Shopping: Help further the work of Project Lead Kindly & wear our cause to share it! Shirt designs are available for a limited amount of time. Get them while you can and represent the cause! -

3) In-Kind Donations: Please check current service projects here for any in-kind donations we may be needing. 

4) Auction Item Donations: If you would like to donate a specific (new) item for a future online auction, please email for details. 

How are my donations used?
Donations of various sizes help us accomplish so much. Your generous donations help provide the following:

"Lead Kindly Message & Projects:" Donations help us bring our message to various shelters, events, conferences, and agencies throughout southern California. We are also able to provide our FREE workshops that empower & encourage girls. Additionally, we are able to assist more mothers & children in need through our various service projects throughout the year.

 "Lead Kindly Awards": grants/scholarships that assist women & children to achieve educational or professional goals. The more generous donations we receive, the more women and children we can help. Donations help create awards for:
  • college courses
  • college tuition scholarships
  • job training classes/ESL classes
  • school supplies
  • classes to help develop skills/talents
  • help in starting a small business dream