meet the founders.
It started with a conversation. Our children were napping and we had some quiet time to talk to each other. As with conversations past, the topic of one of our biggest priorities was brought up in the discussion: our kids. As we talked, our conversation evolved into wanting to figure out another way we could teach them to not only do good in a changing world, but to also inspire others to do the same. We knew we wouldn't always be there to guide our kids along as they got older and turned into adults, and so we wanted to figure out a way to encourage them to want to make the right choices as they grew up, despite many influencing forces striving to drive them the other way. We wanted to help them see their worth, despite knowing that there could be times in their lives they may feel anything but. We wanted to figure out how we could help them to positively overcome the trials and challenges of life, no matter how difficult.

As we put our minds together, we realized we had a singular and sincere desire to spread a message to our kids: that everyone possesses potential to do real good and to be an example. All have the chance to use the skills and talents they possess to make their lives, families, and the world a better place. All have a light within them to lead more kindly, no matter their present circumstances. We want to help our children & others to see that light and to utilize it to overcome challenges and have a positive influence on others and their future. Project Lead Kindly is one of the ways we will involve ourselves in this work.

Our mission is to share this message with not just our kids, but everyone around us. We especially want to help uplift those who are discouraged, brokenhearted, scared, and feeling worthless or alone.  Our hearts turned to thinking of how children are our future and women are vital leaders and examples. We wanted to reach out to those who would be going through some of the hardest realities of life. All need to hear the message of their worth. All need to see that they can still do good, despite difficult circumstances. Many times, we need assistance in coming out of darkness and seeing light. We hope to show all people their worth and potential in leading kindly.