how do we accomplish our mission?

We believe kindness is free & can have long-lasting, positive effects on our lives and the lives of others. We all have the potential within to share it.

These are the THREE main ways we attempt to accomplish our goals.
We call it our "MAP" to achieving our mission.  
M- message. A - awards. P - projects.
M: We spread the "Lead Kindly Message" through social media, presentations, workshops, and by connecting with partner agencies and various networks within the community. Our empowering "Lead Kindly Workshops" are geared for girls 8-17 years old. "Lead Kindly Presentations" can be offered for various audiences and events, as well as for groups within our partner shelters & agencies. Our hope is to empower and encourage as many people as we can to realize their great worth and to know they all have the ability to "lead kindly" and be an inspiration to others, despite the hardships they may go through.   

A: We offer "Lead Kindly Awards," which are grants for women & children in need. We also have the "Lead Kindly Scholarship Program" which provides college tuition assistance or school supplies to women and girls 8 & up. Recipients of awards demonstrate exceptional ways of "leading kindly" in their lives, despite going through trials.

P: Through "Lead Kindly Projects" we fund raise, donate, or perform service that will assist women & children in need. Through these service projects, volunteers get to actually witness their great potential to serve which can bring empowerment & even healing to their lives. They also see they can make a difference and become examples of "kind leaders" in the community, thus creating stronger and kinder future generations.