join project lead kindly's team.

Interested in being a part of Project Lead Kindly? We are looking to grow our team!

LEADership (Board Members) Positions Available!
We need LEADers to run the following areas:

1) Service Projects & Donation Drives
2) Fundraising
3) Volunteer & Community Outreach
4) "Lead Kindly" Program Development

**See descriptions below to understand duties & responsibilities for each area.
**Note that all are unpaid, voluntary positions.
**Email resumes or questions to:
**BE SURE to fill out this application:
**currently accepting applications

**Please read a summary of BOARD MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES prior to applying:
  • Board Members interpret Project Lead Kindly’s work and values to the community, represent the organization, and act honorably and honestly to maintain the organization’s integrity to the best of their ability.
  • Board Members actively seek ways to benefit Project Lead Kindly and make such opportunities known at Board meetings or to the board President.
  • Board Members do their best to attend the two official Board meetings held in January and August of a fiscal year.
  • Board Members strive to attend at least 50% of all other meetings, fundraisers, service projects, or other events held within a fiscal year. 
  • Board Members actively participate in one or more fundraising activities held within the year.
  • Board Members serve for a term of ONE fiscal year. Decisions to continue on the Board are assessed when term is coming to a close.

-Plans and executes service projects and donation drives throughout the year (at least 2 per fiscal year).
-Selects and reaches out to PLK's partner agencies/shelters to plan ways to assist them with their needs.
-Researches and finds new partner agencies/shelters PLK can partner with and bring its services to.
-Works with partner agencies, clients, and team members directly to carry out all drives and projects.
-Finds the materials and resources necessary to execute the service projects and donations drives as smoothly as possible.
-Assists in volunteer recruitment for all projects and drives.

-Plans and executes all fundraising efforts for Project Lead Kindly.
-Brainstorms and creates fun & innovative ways to raise funds to move PLK's mission forward.
-Reaches out to community resources (ie: businesses, schools, etc) for assistance with fundraising efforts.
-Networks and assists in spreading word on fundraising efforts throughout the community.
-Assists in volunteer recruitment for fundraising efforts.

-Reaches out to community resources to network and share the work of Project Lead Kindly.
-Researches & plans ways to gain volunteers for PLK, including volunteer fairs, college fairs, and other events.
-Assists in spreading word about PLK's latest events/projects/work/etc.
-Understands thoroughly and shares PLK's mission & vision through word of mouth and by example.
-Collaborates and networks with others (ie: online groups, fellow nonprofits, local sources, the community, etc) to grow PLK's network and outreach.
-Assists in volunteer recruitment for all aspects of PLK's mission.

-Responsible for developing brand new program(s) Project Lead Kindly would like to implement into its mission, including workshops or support groups.
-Creates an on-going "support group" program for women and/or children who attend for support as well as study of the "Lead Kindly" message.
-Brainstorms and develops ways for women & children to implement the "Lead Kindly" message into their lives daily.
-Works with team members and clients directly to assist them through the program.
-Coordinates with other agencies/shelters to offer new program to their clients.
-Assists in volunteer recruitment related to the program.