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stories of people who have lead kindly, despite difficult challenges.
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kindness, despite being unable to work.
"I have a great friend who in spite of her talents has found herself unable to work. She is worlds away from living the life she planned. But she always amazes me with her willingness and even desire to continue to serve others. She will take her own food and feed the homeless that live near her. She isn't a member of the church I go to, but she is always asking for ways she can serve because she knows we do a lot of that. She has said that one good thing about where she finds herself now is that she has more time to do things for others. She is such an example to me of selflessness and charity!"

kindness, despite sickness.
"My dad battled with cancer for 6 years. We knew the inevitable was going to happen and eventually he would pass away, but we didn't know when. My dad was always a fighter. Through his cancer years, he lived his life normally as possible. This meant, he selflessly continued to help others up until the day he passed away.

My dad was one of those people that would literally give you the shirt off his back. He was always there to lend a helping hand and would be there for anybody if they needed something. Three days before my dad passed away, he was very sick and very weak. He could not even hold his head up anymore because his muscles were so deteriorated. But, he remembered seeing a box at one of the local stores that were collecting coats for homeless veterans. He worked up enough strength to get up, dig through the closet and pull out his old coats so they could be donated. My dad was literally on his death bed, but he was thinking about homeless veterans.

His last selfless wish he had before he died was to donate his body to science. If he could help research, to get one step closer to finding a cure for cancer, he sacrificed his body so that maybe one day people would not have to suffer through cancer like he suffered for those long six years. No matter your situation, there is always some way you can lead kindly to help others."
-Submitted by Shelly C.

kindness, despite losing loved ones.
"One lady comes to mind. She lost her husband a few years ago. Last year, her son who was in his 20s died in an ATV accident. It was a shock. My husband was very upset along with his family because they were very close to him. He was my husbands football coach. He had a wife and they were expecting their second child. Their first was stillborn and the day of the accident was the anniversary of their stillborn baby. At Nick's funeral his mother stood up, that was the first time I had ever seen her. She was happy and smiling. It touched my heart because she had lost a husband and son much too soon. She was still strong as ever. The whole ceremony she wanted to ease everyone else's burdens. She told stories of her son and comforted all of us who were out in the congregation. When WE should have had to comfort her. She is the most amazing woman I ever met. She really showed me that we can still be happy as we face our burdens."

kindness, despite having little.
"When my husband was on his mission in Mozambique, he knew a single mother with two kids living in an apartment. Out of nowhere, the landlord rented their apartment to SOMEONE ELSE (like, he wanted rent from both of them, and they were just supposed to all live there despite not knowing each other). She was not okay with this, but she and her kids ended up homeless while they looked for a new place. My husband knew of a Relief Society president (lady from church) who invited this family to live in her home, which was a very small house (2 or 3 rooms total), despite the fact that her family already had little room. This single mother and her kids took her up on her offer and they lived there for maybe a month before they could find something of their own."

"I immediately thought of my mom because she is one of the most, if not the most generous person I know. My mom puts almost everyone before herself. Since my parents lost their business years ago, they struggle to make ends meet month to month, yet my mom still insists on helping others. She currently has 3 siblings that live in Mexico at a poverty level. My mom always takes them groceries to fill their fridge each time she goes to visit. That's usually every 2-3 months. My mom also participates in a lot of pot luck style fundraisers to raise money for various different charities. She'll spend her time off cooking up these meals, but her specialties are pies and flans. In the past, my mom has slaved away in the kitchen to help my siblings and I raise money for our school clubs and class trips. And that's not where it ends. If she's beyond generous with others, imagine what's she's like with her 4 kids. My mom will give up a limb, an organ, anything for us. She is constantly offering to help in some way or another. I love my mommy!"

kindness, despite a busy life.
"My older sister who, despite having absolutely NO time because she works 60 hours a week, has helped her husband's friend's fiancee by letting them live in her house. My brother in law's friend was struggling to find a good job in South Carolina so he asked if he could stay with my sister and her husband. My sister allowed 4 additional people to stay with her (including two kids under the age of 4) rent free for as long as they needed to get an apartment. After 2 months of helping them get ready, she took them around the city looking for apartments, negotiating prices and even helping them furnish their apartment by asking our family and friends if they had any furniture to give them. She said, "They have nothing. The least I can do is help them get on their feet."

kindness, despite the disapproval of others.
"My dad is the one whose example of service and "loving your neighbor" motivates me. When I was 16, my neighbor down the street from us got into some major problems.  People were talking about this family and keeping away from them. My dad hired a crew and got a giant commercial size trash bin delivered to the family's home. The crew he hired worked all weekend to get the house cleaned up and ready, so this family would be able get their children back from foster care. He didn't ask anyone to help he just did it. He also always checked on them to see if they needed anything. His love and non-judgmental actions for this family and many others was more than the example I needed to always love and be willing to serve with love."

kindness, despite trials & challenges.
"I have a friend who has had a hard past few years. She has had two extremely difficult pregnancies, had her husband lose his job, and has been battling depression over the past several years. Despite all these challenges, I am always impressed with her willingness to serve and help those around her. She doesn't have a lot of physical things, but what she does have she's willing to share. She is very talented and thoughtful and gives gifts to others of things she has created. She is always the first person to volunteer to help out or substitute in nursery or primary at church when that need arises. Her example really is inspiring to me and is one that definitely reflects the Savior's selfless love for others."
"When I go out to karaoke, my favorite DJ is always smiling, dancing around, being funny and making sure everyone is having fun. She always focuses on others...but what only a few people know is that, in the past few years, she has recently lost both of her parents, at least one very close friend, gone through a terrible divorce, and has had serious health scares and trials. She is a joy to be around and I've never heard her complain."