mission & vision of project lead kindly.

Project Lead Kindly is a non-profit organization dedicated to reminding everyone of their potential to make a positive difference in the lives of others, no matter their circumstances. We provide charitable service to women & children in need, and offer workshops & programs that empower women & girls to lead kindly.

  • To spread the message that we all possess a light and a great potential to serve, to do good, and to positively influence others, no matter our circumstances. 
  • To remind others of (and to help others recognize) their unique talents, characteristics, and abilities. Each person has unique strengths that have the ability to make a positive difference for someone else. Our goal is to help others uncover that light.
  • To promote charity & kindness as valuable tools in helping people find hope & healing through struggles in their lives.
  • To empower girls & women to be genuine, strong, giving, and compassionate examples of kindness.  
  • To provide opportunities for people to witness their potential to be good examples.
  • To connect with shelters, agencies, community services, and other facilities that assist various groups of women & children in need in order to provide charitable service & assistance to them.
  • To ensure that future generations can have individuals who will be kind leaders and good examples.
  • To uplift the needy, brokenhearted, and discouraged.
  • To inspire positive change among people by remembering our ability to create positive change.
To all who volunteer, donate, or assist in forwarding our mission, and to all who come in contact with Project Lead Kindly, our hope is that you feel inspired to make "leading kindly" a consistent part of your life. There may be times when you feel you cannot do anything to help yourself, your family, or others. We are on a mission to help you see that great potential within you & that you can always make a difference.