ways to volunteer, help, & get involved.
1) DONATE: Your donations help us spread our message of kindness, provide free workshops, presentations, and programs that empower girls & women to lead kindly, and provide charitable service to women & children in need.
You can donate online:
(note: you do not need a paypal account to donate!)


Other volunteer opportunities include:
  • transporting and giving donations to our partner agencies that service women & children.
  • spreading the "Lead Kindly Message" and having opportunities to participate in motivational presentations & workshops for girls and women.
  • helping & encouraging others to participate in an act of service or "Lead Kindly project."
  • setting up and/or volunteering at a workshop/presentation or "Lead Kindly project." 
  • help in congratulating and awarding a recipient of a "Lead Kindly Award."
  • preparing for our fundraisers & events.
  • assisting in running our fundraisers & events

3) SPREAD THE MESSAGE: Share the mission of Project Lead Kindly by following us in social media and sharing our cause. Take the time right now:
  • For facebook:"LIKE" us and "SHARE" something from our page or mention Project Lead Kindly in your facebook status! You can also submit a photo and post it on facebook! Don't know what to say? Copy & paste this!: We can all be kind, no matter our circumstances. - Check out Project Lead Kindly, a charity dedicated to spreading this message, empowering girls, & assisting women&kids in need. Visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/projectleadkindly
  • For instagram: follow us and submit a photo. tag us in the photo (@projectleadkindly) along with hashtag #projectleadkindly ! Then tag at least 3 friends and ask them to post a photo, too! You can use this caption: we can all be kind, no matter our circumstances. check out @Projectleadkindly, a nonprofit dedicated to spreading this message, empowering girls, & assisting women & children in need. Lead Kindly with me and submit your own photo to uplift others going through a difficult time!
  • For twitter: follow us and tweet about us! Don't know what to tweet? Copy & paste this!: "Lead kindly" with me, help empower girls,& assist women&kids in need - Check out

4) CREATE A PROJECT/HELP US FIND OTHERS:  Do you have an idea for a service project that can assist women and children in need? Do you know of a shelter, facility, children's hospital, or other resource that assists women or children and can benefit from our services and message? Email us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas and help Project Lead Kindly touch more lives! 
5) SHOP FOR THE CAUSE: Represent Project Lead Kindly by wearing a shirt from the shop. Shirt designs are available for a limited amount of time. Get them while you can and represent the cause! - www.projectleadkindly.storenvy.com

6) SPONSOR/SERVICES: Businesses, bloggers, crafters, designers, and others - we need you to be a part of our fundraising efforts! Please contact hello@projectleadkindly.com if you'd like to be placed on our vendor list for more information and opportunities to participate.

7) SUBMIT A STORY or PHOTO:  YOU can help inspire others by simply submitting a photo or submitting a story of someone who has "lead kindly" in their life, despite having difficult challenges. As we share stories and photos like this, we can inspire all to realize that everyone can "lead kindly" and do good, no matter what life throws our way. (and be sure to check out our "Kind Reads" page and the "Pictures of Kindness" page to get inspired by other submissions!)

8) WOMEN'S WORDS: If you are a woman who has experienced a difficult trial & have found help and healing through kindness and you would like to connect and share your thoughts and stories for the "Women's Words" section on our site, please contact us - hello@projectleadkindly.com .We do not post words or names without permission.)