celebrate world lead kindly day september 22nd!
Project Lead Kindly celebrates their birthday/#WorldLeadKindlyDay on September 22nd every year! Help us celebrate all year long as we remind people of their worth & potential to lead kindly!

1) PRINT: Print out as many sheets of #WorldLeadKindlyDay notes here.

2) CUT: There are 4 notes per sheet. 

3) TAPE: Leave notes in places for others to find (ie: bathroom mirror/stalls, with the tip at the table for your waiter, your family member's bag, your friend's notebook etc. Don't litter and don't place on private or business property without permission though!) 

4) PIC: Take a picture of you posting the notes or where you posted your notes and post on social media! Remember to tag @ProjectLeadKindly & use hashtag #WorldLeadKindlyDay!

5) CAPTION & TAG: Tag some friends to join with you & invite others to join in posting notes all over the world! 
Example Caption (copy & paste):
Gearing up for #WorldLeadKindlyDay on 9/22 by hiding these notes around town and reminding others of their potential to make a positive difference! Print your notes @projectleadkindly's website & spread the #leadkindly message all through September! I tag my friends: @friendsusername, @anotherfriendsusername to join in!

5) MORE PICS: If you run into a note yourself that was posted by someone else, take a pic of that too and post it on social media!

6) DO IT!: Let's uplift people all over the world & remind them they can lead kindly, no matter their circumstances!

HUGE thank you to our designer, Samantha from Graphic Love Shop, for designing these beautiful #WorldLeadKindlyDay notes!!